Popular 80s and 90s all-female country music group Girls Next Door has reunited and dropped their first single released to radio by CDX, “What’s This Thing You’ve Got About Leaving” off their new album, Girls Next Door 2.0 – Now or Never. Fresh, upbeat and packed with all the beautiful harmonies they’re known for, the new song is available for streaming and download now girlsnextdoormusic.

One of the things we love most about “What’s This Thing You’ve Got About Leaving,” is how, in the first few seconds, the listener is hit with this wall of vocals that is the defining sound of Girls Next Door – strong, bright and harmony that is as good as any sibling sound.

The song was penned by TW Hale and Roger Murrah and produced by H2 Productions, TW Hale and Tom Harding.

The group finds it intriguing that the producers captured the woman’s perspective on this topic so perfectly. It addresses the issue of “running from love” just when it starts to click. It sends the message that love takes work, it takes communication and it takes “making things right.” They love that the storyteller of this song is actually getting down to the business of putting the laundry on the table, talking about it, folding it and putting it away, addressing the lover’s fear, but is not about letting that partner give up. A very positive message, with a little edge.

“This was an incredibly rewarding and emotional project for us. We had tried for years to find a time that made sense and it was difficult.  Things continued to pop up that prevented us from doing this – things like caring for ill parents, taking care of teenagers, and Doris and Diane both battled cancer- AND WON,” shared the Girls Next Door. “Finally, in what we consider to be God’s perfect timing, here we are – doing what we love with friends we love. We are ready for the ride!”