Nashville-based, Australian CMAA Award winner Tamara Stewart has kick-started an exciting new chapter with the announcement of her forthcoming studio album Woman which releases on April 11th.

The empowering record is being spearheaded by the lead single Mean Girl, which delivers an epic first taste of what’s to come. A standout collection of 13 songs, ‘Woman‘ is a mark of Tamara’s many years of honing her craft and carving out her unique career path, with a clear commitment to her craft of Songwriting and a soulful, unique voice that truly identifies Tamara with a one-of-a-kind sound.

After years of success in her Homeland Australia and venturing to the USA and the UK on many occasions over many years, touring Australia, the UK and playing multiple shows in the USA including the iconic CMA Fest as well as Songwriting festivals across the USA, appearing many times at the legendary Bluebird Cafe, Tamara made Nashville home in 2014, and the Woman LP was recorded using Music City’s top studios, utilizing world-class musicians and creating a stunning piece of work that will add to Tamara’s ever-growing fan base and demonstrates her creative evolution. The new album acts as a stunning follow-up to her 2018 release The Truth, The Music and Me which opened the world to Tamara and spoke of her journey from ruin, through recovery, to rising after a painful divorce.

Woman not only takes existing fans into a new era of Tamara’s Writing and Producing but also highlights her empowering and inspiring messages, that can help us feel a little less alone in our plight to get it all figured out. In fact, through songs like Just A Woman and The Orphan, Tamara challenges the stereotypes and narratives that society has defined and offers healing and connection in unseen, unheard and unspoken places and truths. Potentially, if we allow it, Woman just may be able to liberate us all through a reflection of ourselves in a line, a word, or a song.

Tamara Stewart once again sits comfortably at the helm as Producer of Woman. This award-winning and chart-topping singer/songwriter, long-time survivor and hard-working woman in business, is right at home doing what she knows is her path, by the time she was 10 years old. Tamara Stewart oozes authenticity with her warm deep vocals, courageous truth-telling lyrics, and songwriting prowess, which can only be found within a woman who has hurt,  healed, hoped and hunkered down to share her journey in song. Through her honesty and ‘let’s call a spade a spade’ approach, we too can hear our own truths echoed back to us in the walls of these songs.

Not only an inspiration through music, but Tamara also keeps her creative contributions coming with her brand new podcast series ‘Heal My Story’ which kicked off earlier this year. She is also working on her debut offering as an Author, with her first book dropping near the end of 2023.