Jo Dee Messina, the multi-platinum-selling artist, has once again captured the hearts of fans and critics alike with her newest release, “Just to Be Loved.” The song, a powerful and heartfelt track, showcases Messina’s exceptional vocal prowess and emotional depth, leaving critics and fans moved and inspired.

“[Just To Be Loved] is a beautifully produced bopper with rippling mandolin, burbling bass, stacked vocals, crisp percussion and a breezy summertime vibe. Her voice remains as hearty and warm as ever. The lyric’s message about being true to yourself is lovely, too. So delightful sounding that I didn’t want it to end.” – Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow

“Messina’s voice is as charismatic as ever, further elevated by sprightly mandolin and shimmering production. She delivers this song’s uplifting message with conviction, making its statement of valuing self-acceptance and self-love over chasing the adoration of others a worthy addition to the country canon of uplifting female empowerment anthems…” – Billboard

“Jo Dee Messina] not only gifts listeners an uplifting message, she also flexes her abilities to still make irresistible sing-alongs.” – American Songwriter

“Messina’s latest single adds to decades of fan-favorites (particularly for 90s country fans), including ‘Bye-Bye,’ ‘I’m Alright,’ ‘Lesson In Leavin’’ and, of course, ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California…’”

Born out of Jo Dee’s personal journey raising two young boys and witnessing the online experiences of their peers, “Just To Be Loved” finds its origin. The song delves into the emotional struggle of a young girl who grapples with her self-esteem, entangled in the constant comparison of her life with the curated world of social media. The lyrics carry an uplifting message that holds value for us all, making it a song worth listening to and learning from.