Critically acclaimed artist Mary McGuinness has released her new album Shadowcatcher, which is available now across all major streaming platforms.

Shadowcatcher is a collection of 10 songs featuring standout tracks such as “Dreamy Feeling,” “Once in a Blue Moon,” “Shadowcatcher,” “Double Vision,” “Keep Dreamin’,” and “Spellbreaker.” Shadowcatcher delves into profound themes of finding solace and comfort, offers lyrical reflections on life’s intricate paths, and displays metaphorical reminders of the human desire for connection and understanding.

Collaborating with a diverse array of co-writers, this creative journey has empowered her to explore uncharted musical horizons, resulting in a collection of songs that resonate deeply with her artistic ardor. Guided by esteemed producer Joe Pisapia, Mary’s musical expression has transcended mere composition to become a seamless fusion of sound and identity.

McGuinness reflects on the release of her new album, “‘Shadowcatcher’ is a reflection of insights I’ve gained through great love, overwhelming disappointment, and miraculous triumphs that have transpired in my life to bring me to this present moment. Gathering up the courage to move to Nashville and follow my dreams brought challenges that left me no choice but to rise to a new bar of writing, singing, and belief in myself…resulting in the creation of what I feel is my best work as an artist. ‘The darkness always comes, but so does the dawn.’”

It’s a snapshot of the mosaic that’s made up my life thus far. A gateway to the expression of who I am and who I am evolving myself to become as an artist. Through these stories and songs, I hope to touch your heart with comfort and optimism that will bring you peace, no matter how things may appear on the outside.

McGuinness’ latest single, “Touchstone,” acknowledges themes of the ups and downs of life, as reflected in the lines “all of the highs, all of these low lows,” displaying an acceptance of the full spectrum of human experience and a place of refuge and personal sanctuary. Her previous release, “Double Vision,” created a musical experience that was both touching and thought-provoking due to the combination of the song’s narrative and McGuinness’ distinctive vocal prowess. Following the track’s debut, McGuinness released a music video for “Double Vision,” both directed by Mary McGuinness and collaboratively filmed by McGuinness and Paul Buchholz.

Renowned for her multicultural heritage and unwavering passion for music, McGuinness is once more on the cusp of captivating music enthusiasts with her highly anticipated upcoming project. Situated within the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Mary has poured her heart and soul into meticulously crafting Shadowcatcher.

Mary McGuinness is a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures and experiences in song. Her culturally rich upbringing and her triumphant navigation of challenges have all converged into this pivotal album, Shadowcatcher. Mary McGuinness’s musical evolution stands as a resounding testament to her unwavering dedication and enduring faith. Shadowcatcher has proven to be as authentic as it is indelible. Listeners can receive an authentic and unforgettable musical odyssey that beautifully interweaves McGuinness’ heritage, passion, and steadfast commitment to her art.

Mary McGuinness’ impressive resume includes two nationwide tours with Kenny Loggins and opening performances for renowned artists such as Train, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw, Donovan, Todd Rundgren, and many others. She also has experience in the film circuit as her project “Washing of the Water” was an award winner at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, and her video/ single “Gonna Feel It Again” was an award winner at Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. “Gonna Feel It Again” also earned a place as a semi-finalist in the Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival, Paris Lady MovieMakers Festival, FilmArte Festival, and Rotterdam Independent Film Festival.