Two country powerhouses, Brett Kissel and Cooper Alan, have joined forces to deliver an electrifying duet titled “Two Of Us,” set to drop on September 15th. The collaboration marks a harmonious meeting of talents, fueled by the serendipitous magic of social media.

The story behind the forthcoming single is one of modern connectivity. Cooper Alan, the rising country star renowned for his explosive performances and independent fanbase growth, threw out a line into the vast sea of social media, asking for Canadian collaboration suggestions. Fate intervened as Brett Kissel, a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian music scene, seized the opportunity and responded. The result? A musical synergy that promises to be the anthem of the season.

Kissel commented on the opportunity to collaborate with Alan, saying “Ever since getting on TikTok, I’ve loved every single one of Cooper’s posts. This guy has got to be the most creative and hilarious account on the planet – he’s just so entertaining. Fast forward to now, and I’ve experienced his songwriting, his personality, and his energy… and I can safely say this guy is a

The charm of their collaboration is a testament to the power of connection in the digital age and the boundless potential of two incredible artists coming together.

Alan also commented on Kissel and his experience with the country singer, saying “Canada has been so good to me this past year that a collaboration with a Canadian artist seemed like a no-brainer! I’ve been a huge fan of Brett’s music ever since I got to Nashville. It was an honor to get in the room with him, and I think fans are going to love the party anthem we came up with!”

Making a statement regarding “Two Of Us,” Kissel said “Together, we wrote something I bet Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett would be super proud of. Who needs another song about
meeting a girl on Tinder, when instead, you can write a song about making a new best friend and drinking buddy at a bar?”

Brett Kissel is a prominent figure in the Canadian music scene where he has achieved remarkable success. Known for his charismatic personality, dynamic stage presence, and unique
music style, Brett has soared to the top of the Canadian Country music charts. With 22 CCMA awards, three JUNO awards (equivalent to the American Grammy), two Gold-certified albums, a
Platinum record, 10 Gold singles, and an impressive track record of 15 top-10 radio hits, his talent and popularity are undeniable. Kissel has toured with Brad Paisley and Garth Brooks and
collaborated with Grammy winners Charley Pride, Dave Mustaine, Nelly, and 98°. Most recently, Kissel released “Missin’ You In San Antone,” the first track from his forthcoming West
Album, the third installment of “The Compass Project,” to be released later this fall.

On the other end of this duet stands, Cooper Alan. Hailing from Winston Salem, NC, Cooper been a blazing trail across social media platforms, amassing over 10 million devoted followers
and racking up a staggering 200 million streams on his music. Starting out playing bars, college campuses, and Honky Tonks, he swiftly transitioned to Nashville after catching the ear of hit
songwriter/producer Victoria Shaw, earning himself a coveted publishing deal. With hit singles like “New Normal,” “Tough Ones,” and “Colt 45 (Country Remix).” Alan’s music has not only
dominated streaming charts but also claimed #1 spots on the iTunes Charts multiple times. His musical journey has culminated in a triumphant record label launch, sold-out live shows, and the
accolade of being hailed a “Next Big Thing” artist by Music Row Magazine.

Kissel and Alan will be performing the duet for the first time at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards on September 16, giving fans an exciting opportunity to watch the pair shine
on stage.